Dramatic Training Solutions: Welcome To Our Brand New Blog!

I started the Dramatic Training Solutions journey 21 years ago. I was standing outside a business that was about to change my life ...

I was extremely nervous too! I was basically auditioning for freelance training delivery; they wanted me to demonstrate my training style and then make a decision to use me or not.

"At this point, I had just left my lovely comfortable job at Cadbury's!"

I was training their sales and merchandising people and success on this demo meant I got started on my dream to inspire and help people develop their soft skills. I was so close to bottling it and going home thinking I would look for another job, but something drove me in and, of course, I got the job ... and the rest is history.

I am driven by inspiring people to work on themselves. I believe that's my purpose and even after all these years, I love it. I enjoy the whole process of partnering with clients and putting together a workshop just for them.

"My job is creative, challenging and extremely varied!"

I have been privileged to travel all over the world with Dramatic Training Solutions. I've visited over 45 different countries working with different cultures and in different businesses. I feel I have learned more from the learners and my customers than they have from me, and for that, I will always be grateful.

The best way to describe what we do is to liken us to virtual reality, but without the headset; we are a simulator for soft skills.

If you got on a plane to fly off on holiday and the pilot said, "Ladies and gentlemen, boys and girls welcome aboard, this is the first time I have ever flow this plane, but don't worry I am a very experienced pilot so I'm sure I can pick it up as we go along", would you stay on the plane?

Of course, that doesn't happen. New and even experienced pilots go into a simulator to practice, crash and burn as many times as they need to build their confidence and that's what we do too.

We give learners a safe place to perfect what they do, whether it's an awkward conversation, a presentation to the board or a sales interaction, they can build their confidence and learn from experience. This type of learning is powerful, life-changing and it sticks!

Working with our actors is a real joy. They are creative people and have huge talent. Over the years we have worked together to perfect the art of experiential workshops.

Using forum theatre, consequential theatre, simulations, and demonstrations we are always coming up with new and exciting ways to train learners that are challenging, realistic, practical, fun and linked to our customers' key objectives.

We are moving into an age of technology, AI and robots, so empathy, communication and self-awareness are going to be essential to business. These so-called 'soft skills' are among the hardest to perfect so we like to call them 'conscious human skills' instead.

It takes hard work to be a conscious human. We can all be guilty of acting like a 'human robot' and with access to technology threatening to diminish our communication skills and ability to connect authentically, we will have a more significant part to play in inspiring behavioural change.

In the next few months, I will be writing about the key skills that individuals will need to survive in this '4th industrial revolution' and how to prepare yourselves and your employees for the future.

If you're interested in training that sticks for your brand, do call me on 01908 511 062 or leave a comment below and let's see how I can help you.