If We Are Selling To Humans, We Need To Be Human!

One thing we must remember if we manage salespeople is that they are human and we're selling to humans ...

They eat, sleep, cry, and laugh. They have families, friends, emergencies, values, dreams, goals, and retirement plans. In this new world of artificial intelligence (AI) and ever-evolving technology, it's easy to forget this.

It's also why it's even more important to keep their humanity in mind every time you write an email, make a call, or go to a customer meeting. Below are some key areas to think about.

I love this quote by Tawheed Kader and it's a great way to end this blog post, "The most successful salespeople today are not the Type-A 'meat eaters', they're not the ones that can 'sell anything, close anything, don't give a damn.' Salespeople today could quite frankly be you, the person that hasn't sold a day in your life, but you are a real person, an intelligent person, a humble person, a self-reflective person, a person that can communicate, a person that believes in delivering value, in solving problems, in being the best that you can be. YOU can be a salesperson."

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