What Does Oxytocin Have To Do With Inspiring Others?

Research says that humans have the tendency to create Oxytocin when they care about and have empathy for someone ...

Think back to the last time you watched an excellent movie, and it made you feel something. Maybe it made you cry, or you felt fear, or you felt something else, but you were engaged. You cared about what happened to the characters. Yes, you understand that movies are stories and the characters are actors and that the very same actors will probably go shopping in Tesco's or Asda the next day, but you still feel as if it's real.

"It is all pretend and you know it, and yet if the movie is good, you feel something. You connect with the characters!"

This is the power of good storytelling, which can be replicated in stories to inspire or influence when you're doing an important presentation or trying to inspire others; it could even be in a job interview. That feeling of empathy, caring, and interest that connection that you feel for characters in a movie, or in any story, is the result of the brain secreting a hormone called oxytocin.

Oxytocin is natural, produced by your brain and not dangerous at all. It is sometimes called the 'love hormone' because it is vital for feeling empathy, generosity and trust. In the UK, researchers conducted a test in which they injected people with synthetic oxytocin and subjected them to public service announcements. This led to a 57% increase in causes receiving donations, a 56% increase in money donated and a 17% increase in caring about the people in the ads!

Now, we can't go around injecting people with a hormone, but our goal, as a human, is to motivate people we want to get on side and if we can get their brains to produce and release oxytocin we will have a much better chance. And remember, this is natural.

So, a great way to get people to really care about you and your message is to involve them in a story with characters that they identify with. Next time you are thinking about what to include in your presentation or meeting, why not tap into this powerful hormone by using real stories and have the people in front of you feel something to inspire them to change.

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