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90% of training is lost without practice, so why waste your money on training that just doesn't stick?

Christmas Is The Most Wonderful Time Of The Year!

I've always loved it ...


It's not because of the presents, food or even the parties, but because for a few weeks, people become more human. It as if a switch has been flicked as strangers connect, sparking up conversations on public transport, in retail outlets and even on the street ...

Christmas is full of magic. Go on, connect with someone today!

Christmas is full of magic. Go on, connect with someone today!

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We sometimes need a catalyst to remind and encourage us to engage and empathise with others, especially in our modern world where we are bombarded with distractions from both our technology and environment making it more difficult than ever before to be human. I believe now is the time to celebrate and embrace humanness, warts and all, because it’s those very warts that will keep you competitive.

"You’re wonderful, emotional, imperfect and vulnerable and that’s great!"

There is no denying automation. AI and robots aren’t just coming, they are already here. The current estimate in the UK is the predicted loss of 9 million jobs to AI by 2030 and this is for both ‘blue collar’ and ‘white collar’ workers.

But the good news is that there will also be new jobs created such as in-store influencers, robot managers, and management in general; media, healthcare, super salespeople and jobs we haven’t even imagined yet

The up side to this is our unique human skills have become sought after talents and are now being given the centre stage they deserve because automation will also create new jobs and make a lot of the work we currently do more enjoyable.

For example, if robots take on boring routine tasks, nurses and doctors will have more time to listen to patients stories and address their concerns with understanding and empathy. Teachers can focus on the children, with more time to give extra support when needed. Lawyers can focus on their clients, salespeople can sell rather than get bogged down with prospecting or using a CRM, and people in retail and hospitality will have the time to engage with customers genuinely.

"These are exciting times ahead and there will be numerous opportunities for everyone in the future, including you!"

You don’t have to go to university to learn human skills; you can do it every day on your way to work, in the coffee shop with your friends, at the supermarket and even when having dinner with your family. It costs nothing except commitment and practice, and if you start now you will be ahead of the curve.

So, use this special time of year to make those connections as well as rekindle and refresh your human skills. You never know, it might remind you that engaging with people can be rewarding and fun; after all, its probably how we originally met the important people in our lives before social media existed.

Have a lovely Christmas!

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