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How To Build A Successful Network

Both inside and outside of your business ...

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If you want to be successful, it is really important to build a successful network of people who can influence your career, be your mentor and support your ideas and aspirations ...

You can build a successful network both inside and outside of your business!

You can build a successful network both inside and outside of your business!

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Below is a really useful exercise in looking at what relationships you currently have, how you might identify weaknesses and set action plans to improve and develop your network:

  • Using a large piece of paper

  • Write your name, in a circle, in the middle

  • Use 2 difference coloured pens one for relationships and one for deliverables

  • Around the outside of your name write in all the other people/departments, inside or outside of your department/company, that impact on your career - this is your network

  • Draw lines from these colleagues into the circle containing your name. There should be 2 lines per person, one to represent your personal relationship, and the other to represent your deliverables. Use different types of line to evaluate the strength of these. So, for example:

    • Very weak . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

    • Weak .................................................

    • Wtrong -----------------------------

    • Very strong =======================

  • Out of these people, decide which ones you would most like to improve your relationship with. They could be the ones that you find most difficult in dealing with or that you have had no contact with or that have a significant influence on your success. Consider the following:

    • The 'blockages' to being more influential with or valued by these people.

    • The style you might adopt that may suit these people (e.g. you may have a much different approaches to different personality types and different roles)

    • Action points to improve your relationship

    • Who else could you collaborate with to increase your success

Once you have completed the template prioritise the key actions you need to take and start to have control and influence over your personal network. Review this template on a regular basis.

Great relationships with people in your network will not only build your reputation and understanding, they will also help you learn, and will help you feel more connected to what you care about.

Strong relationships don't mean getting a business card from someone or connecting on LinkedIn. It means creating a connection with someone you can sit down and have coffee and meaningful conversation with. When you approach others with a mindset of learning how you might be able to help them, others are far more likely to find the time to connect with you.

Spend time listening to others, with genuine curiosity, about how their role works, what challenges they face, and how their organisation handles issues similar to ones you are facing can fortify you with new views and useful allies.

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