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If We Are Selling To Humans, We Need To Be Human!

Keep your humanity in mind ...

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One thing we must remember if we manage salespeople is that they are human and we're selling to humans. They eat, sleep, cry, and laugh. They have families, friends, emergencies, values, dreams, goals, and retirement plans ...

We have to remember to be human if we're selling to humans!

We have to remember to be human if we're selling to humans!

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In this new world of artificial intelligence (AI) and ever-evolving technology, it's easy to forget this. It's also why it's even more important to keep their humanity in mind every time you write an email, make a call, or go to a customer meeting. Below are some key areas to think about.

  • Treat your customers as partners and not prospects

    When you introduce yourself for the first time, guess what? The other person assumes you are human, too. Of course, the context, campaign, or relationship your business has with that person all play a role, but one thing is for certain - most of the time, customers don't want to be sold to, they want to be advised by a trusted partner.

    Take the time to understand them and not just because you want to sell to them, ask questions that have no agenda other than to discover their goals and priorities and not just for their business, but for them personally as well.

  • Showing you care matters

    Without question, you should respect your customers. They are investing their time with you to further develop a relationship. People want to work with those whom they like and respect. This attitude starts and works best only if it's in the mindset of an empathetic, caring, and respectful place.

    I'm of the perspective that it's important to go beyond respect, to a point where you care and value each conversation with your customer. In turn, you'll appreciate the things these people care about. You will know this is happening when you go out of your way to help them with things completely irrelevant to your product.

    You will observe if they are stressed, share a laugh, and feel like you are being yourself and having fun.

  • Don't be a human robot and just tick boxes

    Sales processes can be useful frameworks for both you and the customer, but they are not a tick box exercise, have a conversation and listen actively. Challenge and be open to being challenged back, it should be an equal relationship where you offer genuine value to your customers and their business.

    Customers expect you to bring something to the table, expertise, market knowledge or insight they haven't thought of themselves, but most of all they want honesty.

  • Be real!

    As we said our customers are human and so are we, so its ok to be vulnerable, admit our mistakes and give a bit of ourselves.

I love this quote by Tawheed Kader and it's a great way to end this blog post, "The most successful salespeople today are not the Type-A 'meat eaters', they're not the ones that can 'sell anything, close anything, don't give a damn.' Salespeople today could quite frankly be you, the person that hasn't sold a day in your life, but you are a real person, an intelligent person, a humble person, a self-reflective person, a person that can communicate, a person that believes in delivering value, in solving problems, in being the best that you can be. YOU can be a salesperson."

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