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Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part One!

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I am a big fan of The Walking Dead, but if you have been in self-isolation for 15-years you won't have heard of it! So much so that my family has a zombie apocalypse survival plan and it doesn't involve stocking up on toilet rolls and pasta ...

Dispite the current Coronavirus outbreak, I'm sure you'll agree there are many reasons to be cheerful!

Dispite the current Coronavirus outbreak, I'm sure you'll agree there are many reasons to be cheerful!

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So rather than talking about the doom and gloom of the current situation brought on by the Coronavirus, I wanted to write something that would cheer us all up. So here we go; reasons to be cheerful:

  1. We are all in this together - Ok, if your super-rich or extremely powerful you can probably get everything you need at any time, but for the majority of us this is a great equaliser. The vast majority of us can only buy two tins of baked beans, two items of bread and one toilet roll; and none of us can find any hand sanitiser!

  2. The roads are very quiet - Right now, I seem to be able to drive anywhere any time and not hit traffic. It really is fantastic!

  3. We are not talking about Brexit - It's funny how, as a family, we are working our way through the alphabet in terms of words beginning with a certain letter being banned. It used to be the 'B' word and now it's the 'C' word!

  4. We can work from home - If you have been asked to do this then see it as a real gift. No commute time, no battling crowds on the Tube, and the option to work in your pj's! Just some of the immediate benefits that spring to mind.

  5. Thinking about our seniors - We are suddenly aware of the needs of our mature citizens and thinking about how we can help and support them in our local area. In addition, we are starting to act like real communities again. In my village, there are some amazing initiatives to help people who really need it.

  6. The planet is taking a deep breath - In Italy alone, the water in Venice is cleaner to the point you can see real fish, and both swans and dolphins have returned to nearby waters. In China, emissions are down by 25%. This could be a real catalyst for change.

  7. Necessity is the mother of all invention - As a business, we are looking at delivering our training in live webinars and remote simulations. This is something we have thought about for years and never done anything about. What a steep learning curve and a real silver lining! I am assuming if we have done this, then other entrepreneurs are doing the same. We will all discover new and maybe better ways to work, live and thrive after all of this.

  8. Arsenal might get a champions league place - Ok, I know this one is controversial, but I was so fed up of this season anyway, so what a relief! Sorry, Liverpool fans.

  9. Not working out - You have the best excuse not to go to the gym ever!

  10. And this is the most important one - We are starting to wake up and talk to each other. In supermarkets, in the park walking the dog and in the street. Ironically, social distancing has bought us closer together, so this is a great time to reconnect with neighbours, people in local shops and your immediate community. Make the most of it too! The last time this happened was probably during the Second World War.

I would love to hear your own reasons to be cheerful! More from me next week.

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