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Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part Two!

Harder to write this week ...


This week's reasons to be cheerful is much harder to write if I'm honest, as I have seen the best and worst of human nature coming out over the last few days ...

It's been more difficult this week, but I'm sure you'll agree there are still many reasons to be cheerful!

It's been more difficult this week, but I'm sure you'll agree there are still many reasons to be cheerful!

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The best of human nature includes people from my local village offering to deliver homemade cakes to other residents in isolation. Our local newsagents have been delivering essentials all over the place and our village store has been making extra trips to the wholesalers to ensure he doesn't have empty shelves.

"He's not always succeeded with getting toilet paper, but is pretty well stocked up on everything else!"

The worst of human nature is truly shocking! With panic buying in the large supermarkets all over the news and even fights in the aisles over the last of the pasta. I couldn't quite believe I'd heard of an old chap getting mugged for his hand sanitiser the other day.

We have a large piece of woodland near us with a small cafe which is popular with dog walkers. The cafe is only serving takeaway coffee right now, but people are still doing the usual British thing and queuing up for it. What's happened to social distancing?

Having said that, I have still managed to come up with another 10 reasons to be cheerful this week, so here we go:

  • Peaceful and silent walks - we walk our dogs in Salcey Forest near us and usually you bump into other dog walkers and there is a persistent drone of traffic from the MI. This morning it was almost silent and in 90 minutes we only met one other person.

  • Spring doesn't know we are in lockdown - the sun is warm, the grass is green and flowers such as primroses, daffodils and even the common daisy are beautiful and a reminder to be hopeful.

  • The pace of life is slowing down - there is time for more snuggles in bed, a cup of coffee in the garden and an ear rub for your favourite pet.

  • Boris is giving me a warm and fuzzy feeling - ok not really, but I definitely dislike him less for sure!

  • Personal hygiene is so much better - for once I am not worried about people having clean hands.

  • The country feels more united now - more than any time for 4 years since the referendum. We are at war and have a common enemy and it's bought us all together.

  • We are getting some trickles of good news - China (and even Italy) are saying their death rate has finally started to drop; it helps to know there is light at the end of the tunnel.

  • We are all saying 'I love you' more - it's really nice! My 2-year-old granddaughter has picked up on it and that's the best I love you of all.

  • Digital technology is keeping us connected - hangout happy hours, virtual dinner parties, zoom art classes and cloud clubbing. For once we are participating through online technology and instead of isolating us, it's making social isolation sociable.

  • We are cooking from scratch - we don't want to waste anything so I making smoothies from overripe bananas, lunches from dinner leftovers and trying out new recipes I have never tried before like mousaka. Food tastes amazing especially sitting around the table with my family.

That's my 10 reasons to be cheerful for this week, how about you? What's keeping you going and how are you staying positive?

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