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Reasons To Be Cheerful - Part Three!

They are still delivering wine ...

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This is the last part of this series and it finally gives me a chance to reference the song by Ian Dury, which should probably be our theme tune right now ...

Ian Dury got it right! There are always reasons to be cheerful!

Ian Dury got it right! There are always reasons to be cheerful!

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So as we are all settling into this lockdown, there are still some real positives to take from it all despite everything. Here are my 10 for this week I hope they make you smile:

  • The rainbows! There is nothing more inspiring and cheerful than seeing the rainbows made by children displayed on the windows of the houses in our village, and they are a real sign of hope and a symbol for the positive spirit this country has at its heart

  • The whole country is realising our heroes are ordinary people in supermarkets, care homes and especially hospitals

  • There is a real push to get all homeless people into emergency accommodation; surely this will lead to a real positive change

  • There is more peace and quiet! No traffic and no planes mean you can actually hear the birds sing and there is real tranquillity to be found

  • No one dares to sniff, sneeze or cough in public!

  • The Queen is all of a sudden a national treasure again. Now, I am not a royalist, but someone wrote her a very good speech and there is no doubting her love for this country

  • I am saving so much money (I hope you are too). Ok, so I'm not making any at the moment either, but not going to the pub is definitely helping my bank balance

  • I don't need a gym to work out as there are so many excellent classes online. I realise that I don't need to go to an intimidating and expensive gym every again

  • My garden is in the best shape its ever been in at this time of year because it has finally had the TLC it deserves

  • They are still delivering wine ... thank goodness for that!

That's my final 10 reasons to be cheerful for this week, how about you? What's keeping you going and how are you staying positive?

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