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Self-Awareness And The Art Of Improving Your Life

How to have a positive effect on your future ...


Self-awareness is a skill that helps you to be aware of your own emotions, behaviours, beliefs and motivations ...

Improving your self-awareness will have a positive effect on your future!

Improving your self-awareness will have a positive effect on your future!

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Being self-aware not only allows you to understand yourself, but others too, and this valuable skill allows you to better respond to their words and actions.

"Developing self-awareness helps you to
discover your limits!"

This may be vital to your career. If you're just coasting along, doing the bare minimum in life then you won't be self-aware. Once you are, you'll find that this level of effort just doesn't satisfy you anymore.

Some of the implications of self-awareness include:

  • Improved emotional intelligence

  • Gives you direction in life and your career

Knowing the importance of self-awareness means you can try to improve these aspects of your life and let them have a positive effect on you.

If you want to find out how self-aware you actually are, you could take personality tests. There are plenty of free ones available online via sites like Facebook, although 'which Starfleet captain are you?' is probably not a good one if you're serious about improving your self-awareness.

Some of the more in-depth tests will need to be paid for, but they do give you recommendations about the changes you can make in order to improve your life and your career.

You may also want to write a journal. If you keep track of your thoughts, moods and feelings then you can look back and think about your reactions and triggers and look for ways to change.

And you can also ask your circle of family, friends, boss and colleagues for feedback. It's always good to know how others perceive you and, as long as the feedback is constructive, allows you to tweak and change any aspects of your personality you feed are being perceived as negative.

However you choose to improve your self-awareness, always remember to listen to others. If you don't, you could be sabotaging your journey by allowing a limiting believe to halt you in your tracks.

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