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Thursday Is The New Friday

Thanks to technology ...


It's obvious to me; more people are working from home, at least on Friday's anyway, as the traffic isn't the same. For me, Thursday is the new Friday ...

Thanks to technology, Thursday is the new Friday!

Thanks to technology, Thursday is the new Friday!

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Travelling into London on a Friday, the train station in Milton Keynes is mostly empty, taking no time at all to get a ticket, but if I go to the gym on Friday morning, it's packed. Everyone now seems to be working from home.

"Flexible working's a great thing for many reasons, but again it comes at a cost and if we're not careful it could have serious downsides!"

Obviously, it's easier to create a collaborative team with more shared dialogue, if people are in the same place. Teams need to spend time together to build trust and learn to value and understand each other's strengths, and if they don't some people can feel isolated and lonely, or feel they're missing out.

Being able to have virtual meetings from home in your PJ's is extremely convenient. I think Zoom is the best thing ever as I have done all of my interviews for my new book with it, but soon realised you have to work even harder at the social and rapport building skills and to use this type of technology well, means we have to be more human not less.

If you picture the working environment in the future, chances are we will be working globally across different time zones and the traditional teams all working together in the same place at the same time is unlikely!

Technology is going to be used more and more to collaborate and that's great, I'm all for saving the planet by not having to fly all the way to Australia for a job, but we need to find ways to keep the real human connection. Working from home and using technology isn't a bad thing, but it does mean we have to work a little harder to collaborate and build relationships whatever the medium and make the most of any face-to-face time.

"What are the benefits of collaboration
and teamwork?"

It's about the sharing of talent and strengths. When members of a team collaborate, they are able to use the knowledge, experience and skills of everyone concerned. Collaboration is equally useful for the employees as well as the business because when they work together, interact and share ideas, they see and understand how others work, think, negotiate and function. This gives everyone a chance to pick up skills from their colleagues or teammates and build upon their strengths.

This means we can speeds up results because collaboration advances progress. A problem that may take months to get resolved when handled by a single individual, could take just a few hours to resolve when a team employ their unique viewpoints and knowledge to get things done. This will open up several doors to numerous ideas and solutions that a single individual may not be able to come up with.

And finally, collaboration brings meaning and adds value to the way team members see their job. Because of this, they feel good about what they do. The sense of team spirit is felt most strongly when victories can be shared.

"Being Human - coming soon!"

In my new book 'Being Human' which is coming out in June, collaboration is one of the 5 key skills identified as being essential for the future and there is a whole week's worth of exercises in the master class to help you develop these skills.

Whether you are part of a team or lead a team, these will help you to be more effective in the workplace.

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So Thursday is the new Friday, but if you'd like to discover more about collaboration and teamwork in this new technology age, call on 01908 511 062 or leave a comment below and let's see how I can help you.

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