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Why A Moonpig Card Makes My Heart Sink

It isn't as personal, and it isn't as human ...

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There is something special about finding the perfect card for someone you love. In some ways, I do feel this is part of what makes us human ...

Go to a physical card shop and spend quality time choosing a card. Sorry, Moonpig!

Go to a physical card shop and spend quality time choosing a card. Sorry, Moonpig!

photo by sydney rae on unsplash

The right card can mark some really special occasions in our lives. The birth of a first child, 18th birthday of a beautiful daughter, congratulations on an engagement, best wishes to a bride and groom, the graduation of a committed student, passed driving tests, new jobs, new homes and so many more.

"Moonpig isn't the same. It isn't as personal, and it isn't as human!"

Spending time in a card shop, laughing at funny cards and getting teary at the sentimental ones that say everything you ever wanted to say, was always a part of these special moments.

Ok, I am from an older generation, and some of you will argue Moonpig is more personal. For me though, it's just too easy and is part of an age where if we are not really careful, communication as human beings will be compromised.

As a training company, Dramatic Training Solutions is passionate about keeping alive what makes us human. We develop people 's communication skills face to face without technology getting in the way.

Too often we see managers with one eye on their phones and the other on the team member in a one to one, or colleges emailing each other even though they are in the same office, salespeople account managing without ever visiting their clients and relationship building and networking being done in virtual chat rooms.

Yes, technology is amazing and fantastic and makes contacting people easy, but easy isn't always best; just like Moonpig, if you are using it to really connect with people, it is lazy.

So, below are my top five tips to stay connected as humans and build real relationships built on empathy, respect and trust:

  1. If it's important, be brave and do it in person

    Take the time and commit fully to the conversation. Turn off the phone, and close the laptop, or better still, take it somewhere away from the environment where you are distracted and tempted and ask them to do the same. Be in the moment with the person and let go of the distractions. Even if you can only do this for 10 minutes it is priceless, and there is no better way to value a relationship.

  2. Listen

    Easier said than done! My advice here is to physically let go, relax, drop your agenda, trust yourself and listen to understand. There is no better gift you can give a colleague or team member. Use emotional, reflective questions to build the connection and be real.

  3. Be curious

    Ask questions to deepen your understanding and just go with their flow. Command's such as, "Please tell me about ...", "Could you expand on that?" and, "Describe ..." are great for this and are really good examples of open questions. Of course, you need to be careful they are not leading. For example, "How do you feel about the project?" is curious yet, "How well do you think you communicated on this project?" has an agenda within it.

  4. Be direct and compassionate

    Have the courage to say what you need to say, even if it's difficult. Look for solutions for the future by finding a way to collaborate (you will need to listen, of course, as you might not have all the information).

  5. Be authentic

    Yes, we are all human, so we will get things wrong from time to time. It's ok to admit it, "Sorry, I switched off for the moment, please say that again" or, "That's not how that was supposed to come out sorry, let me try again", "This is difficult for me" or even, "I really want to find out more about your thoughts on ...".

If you value the person and you want to build a relationship, make the effort to connect in person and keep it human. If you value the person and care about the occasion, go to a physical card shop and spend quality time choosing a card. Sorry, Moonpig!

"Would you like to know more?"

Remember, Dramatic Training Solutions is passionate about keeping alive what makes us human. If you'd like to find out more about how are training courses can help your teams to achieve this, do give me a call on 01908 511 062 or click here to ping me an email and let's see how I can help you.

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